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Life experience college degrees, is the number one provider of online, verifiable degrees, based on your skills and experience. Affordable, authentic raised ink degrees and diplomas, and recognized as a leader, providing degree programs via distance and convergence. Look through the information on Online Life Experience Degrees site, choose your degree and major today. Fast Services available.

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Be Empowered. Many professionals adapt, to the changing environment around them. As time passes, demand for qualifications increases. There are many steps to consider, in leading, and competing with others. Life experience college degrees are a testament to your personal achievement. Increased self esteem can foster incredible growth, leadership skills, and motivate you to compete more rigorously in todays marketplace.

Many individuals turn to the net for fast degrees based on what they already know.  Many are experts in their respective fields, some are home-makers, aspiring artists, or educators. What they all have in common, is years of skills, technical training and experience. We offer exclusive Universities in which you can choose from. You're given the choice of your degree, major and University based on the skills and knowledge you have acquired.

Typically, an associates degree will require two to four years of experience. A Bachelor's degree 4-6, Master's Degree 5-8, and a Doctoral degree 10 plus years including skills in public speaking or lecturing.  Experience can be vast, and considered are: Education, employment, volunteer service, military service, parenting, hands-on skills acquired and many other areas of knowledge can be factored into approving your Fast Life experience college degree.

Our exclusive network of Universities employ the latest technology that traditional, brick-and-mortar institutions use. From raised-ink printing technology of your college degrees, to raised embossed seals or crests. Holographic security, transcripts which reflect GPA, letter grade, cumulative summary and more-printed on official anti-copy university paper with information and college legend on the reverse. We demand the highest quality for you.

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Our network of Universities recognize your life experience, and reward those experiences with your chosen degree. We provide a diverse range of majors in virtually every aspect of life. Knowledge, from our point of view, is limitless. Life Experience College Degrees offers affordable, innovative, and accelerated non-residential degree programs across several disciplines on an international basis. We also find it essential to offer more than one University choice so that we could match students to the best possible school for both their skill set and their chosen degree program.


We submit your enrollment form to the Universities, they will respond within 24 hours. Once we have approval, we then forward you the Universities that will grant your degree. You can view their website, inquire for further information, and more. Within 7-10 days, your complete Life Experience Degree package can be at your doorstep.

  • Welcome letters from the President and Registrar
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  • Two unsealed university transcripts signed by the Registrar
  • Two official sealed transcripts
  • An Award of academic excellence with gold foil
  • Two letters of recommendation signed by the Dean or Professor
  • Professional University document folder
  • Padded leatherette degree holder with gold embossed University name
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For many years, Life Experience College Degrees has provided innovative methods to get your degree fast. The most professional, trusted program of its kind.

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I was looking for the perfect life experience college degree. I must have purchased four to five packages from other companies online. What I noticed first about my package I bought here, was the genuine detail in every article. Of the other packages, not one comes close to life experience college degrees. The raised ink degree is beautiful, the transcripts look so official (unlike the others that simply mention pass or fail and have no signature of the University Registrar. But, before all of that, the service. Again, not one came close to the service oriented team here. The knowledge of life experience degrees and degree majors is incredible. Thanks so much to all involved. Thomas G. Chicago, IL.

Life experience associate, bachelor's master's degrees. Also added are Doctorate, PhD degrees.

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Fill out your enrollment form for your desired degree. Include work history and any other pertinent information. Choose your major and more..

Our team will forward your enrollment form to our exclusive network of Universities based on your degree and major.

We will communicate with you within 24 hours. You will know which Universities have selected you, and will grant your college degree package.

Your complete, fast, professional life experience college degree package will be shipped without delay and arrive within 7 days.

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