Technology, Innovation. In today's digital era, with the competition and demand for superior service, more individuals choose us for their life experience degree. Exclusive Universities, Raised ink degree printing, professional college transcripts, complete with GPA, cumulative summary and signed/sealed, and much more. Our work experience degrees have been number one for years. Legal loop-holes now make it possible to obtain your associates, bachelor's master's and doctorate degree within days, based on what you already know.


Accredited Life experience degrees, was founded with the belief  that degrees based on life experience and/or work experience, should be available to everyone regardless of status, location,  wealth,  or  family  commitments. Experience that qualifies for college credit, are many and  varied: we accept: Previous, or present class-work,  work-shops, military training,  volunteer-ism, independent reading, writing, teaching, counseling, and religious study/participation. Many individuals have acquired an extensive life education through life experience, and some have become experts in their respective fields and professions.



We bring you exciting, innovative, degree programs, based on what you already know. We match individuals based on their life experience, with a University that will grant full credit for your graduate degrees package. We're empowered to help you. dedicated to quality, and above all, committed to serve you.


Our founding belief: that degrees should be available to everyone, regardless of race, status or location. We provide the highest quality of accredited life experience degrees available anywhere. Associates, bachelors degrees, masters and even accredited doctorate degrees. We empower ourselves every day to serve you.





We match your life experience,  and  your desired degrees and major, to a University, we send you the list of those  who offer to grant you your accredited college degrees.


Getting your authentic Accredited Life College Degree is quick. A complete graduate package, from an online accredited University. Accredited Degrees based on what you already know.


Our Network of accredited Colleges and Universities utilize cutting edge print methods and techniques. From raised ink degree printing, to heat embossing. Accredited experience degrees, number one for years.



Life experience degrees, accredited degree online, offers the only raised-ink professional degree printing, complete university package, delivered within days, based solely on your life experience. Thanks to today's innovative digital era, You can buy a degree based on life experience. Accredited bachelors degree, Masters degree and Doctorate degrees or honorary doctorate title. We are the professionals choice, and set the professional standard for life skills diplomas and certificates. Experience degrees, give a sense of accomplishment. Some with Experience degrees, become Master's in their respective fields. We have the most accredited majors and most accredited degrees offered online.

"I really didn't think I could gain an edge, over my peers, for the position I applied for. A colleague mentioned Accredited Online life experience degrees, he said he had purchased from many of the sites online, but not one came close to this . I followed his advice, and purchased. "Wow" the detail is incredible. The look and feel of my accredited life experience degrees, bring me a sense of accomplishment. The transcripts contain all popular course-work, I have attained my goal, and landed the job I desired. Thank you to accredited life experience degrees for delivering as you said you would. I will pass on high accolades to your company,  K. Walters, Detroit, MI.

life experience degrees, Enroll in the best program for accredited degrees online. Our quality standards are unmatched. Accredited life experience degrees, raised ink printing and more. You can buy a degree, online, fast.  We offer  accredited degrees, Associate, bachelor, master, doctorate, mba, phd, quick, within days. Verification is always included, as with all labeled,verifiable college degree.

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Past and current job experience in any field,  pat and present educational achievements. Employer-sponsored training and workshops, parenting, personal goals, hobbies and travel, participation in volunteer activities and community service.  Independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing and many other  areas of life skills, or endeavors, in general.  Your Real life experience degree looks and feels like a traditional college degree diploma, but is issued solely on the basis of life experience.

 Your accredited college-university package is a verifiable life college degree. life skills and life knowledge always applied here, for your accredited degrees

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They do not. Unlike most others, They do not mention, life experience degrees, Our exclusive network of accredited colleges and universities, use traditional, collegiate grade diploma paper, traditional fonts, and all degrees feature raised-embossed seals, and are signed by their respective executives. They don't stop there. Transcripts are printed using anti copy paper with other security features. They also contain an embossed seal, letter grades, GPA and cumulative summary. From a quality stand-point, when compared to a traditional degree, such as Harvard or Princeton University, one cannot discredit it as less than genuine or official. life- Work experience degrees work. Accredited Degrees based experience, has been ranked at the top for 7 years.


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