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Our exclusive network of Universities employ the latest technology that traditional, brick-and-mortar institutions use. From raised-ink printing technology of your college degrees, to official security, copy-prrof  transcripts papers.

Most asked Question: "Is there any mention of life experience on any of my documents?"

A: There is no mention of "life experience" on any documents.

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Online life experience degrees started with the belief  that private university degrees and diplomas, based on experience, should be available to everyone regardless of status, location,  wealth,  career and/or  family  commitments. More and more individuals recognize the value of life experience. Some employers even offer assistance to their employees. Why? Because employers know there is no substitute for prior education, work experiences, and technical skills. We realize many are limiting their personal and professional growth, and use programs like ours to solidify a strong foundation for future goals, while maintaining family and work commitments.


We provide a network of innovative, online universities. Once you enroll, we will provide the colleges and/or universities that have approved your degree choice and major. You can have your professional degree package in less than ten days.  Online Life Experience Degrees, Fast, Accredited. Professional Raised ink degree, transcripts and more.



  • Raised ink degree and diploma printing, with raised embossed college seal.
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  • University ID card which can include your photo.
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  • Two letters of recommendation signed by the Dean or Professor
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Online Life Experience Degrees, has teamed up with the globes leading distributors of online degrees based on experience.  Our network of colleges are exclusive to us, which means you will not find bad press readily available, as with other sites.

Many find they already have enough working credits for their Online life experience Degree. The  experiences and  accomplishments that qualify for credit are many and  varied, which consist of: classes,  workshops, seminars, military training,  volunteerism, independent reading and religious study/participation. Convert your life experience into a university degree of choice, which parallels your experience.

Unlike regionally accredited online life experience degrees, the mentioned programs are privately accredited. We offer the best life experience degrees, in only days. Apply your work, job skills, into an online college degree and transcripts today.

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We will communicate with you within 24 hours. You will know which Universities have selected you, and will grant your college degree package.

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